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  • The A.R. Hall of Fame proudly displays students that have reached 25 points.
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     Accelerated Reader(AR) is a software program that allows students to take a Reading Practice quiz on an AR book they have read, testing their reading comprehension. Students check out AR books from the school's AR library as well as books from the Public Library marked as an AR book.  Tests are taken usually in their classroom or in the computer lab.  Students can also take tests in the Public library. As students take tests and pass them, they accumulate points (each book has a reading and point level assigned).

    To find out if a A.R. has a quiz on a book use the link below.

    Accelerated Reader Book Finder


    Each year the 'AR theme' in the Computer lab is changed to help motivate the students. This year it is Trains!


    Congratulations to our top point earners of 2019!
    Also, to the winners of the bikes that were
    genereously donated by the
    New Lothrop Hugh McCurdy Masonic Lodge #381!
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