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  • SnowFest 1st Place Sculpture

    Snowfest 2024 will undoubtedly go down as the stuff of legends for a group of witty and talented New Lothrop High School seniors. Picture this: Delaney Gross, Maryn Kisser, Kayla Brunner, and Jaedyn Kline, the dream team that not only carved their way into the competition but pirouetted their way to clinching the elusive 1st place. Their masterpiece, "A Dancing Dream," starring a hip-hoppity hippo, was a whimsical triumph that left the competition frostbitten with awe. These NL seniors didn't just sculpt snow; they choreographed a frozen ballet of creativity that took over 20 hours of teamwork, turning the chilly canvas into a stage for their frosty feat. The camaraderie and dedication showcased by this quartet weren't just snow deep; they were as tight-knit as a snowman's scarf, propelling them to victory. As the first-place trophy found its cozy home at New Lothrop High School, it served as a frozen testament to their commitment, skill, and the sheer hilarity and joy that defined their journey through the snow-covered artistry of Snowfest 2024.


    This year's New Lothrop High School Career Fair was held on Friday, November 3, 2023.  NLHS hosted over 50 booths with professionals, including many former graduates, covering all of Michigan's career pathways.  Students had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of careers that interest them.  We want to extend our thanks to everyone who invested in our students to make this event happen!  

  • What is Hornet15?

    Download the PowerPoint by clicking the photo to see what Hornet15 is and positive impact it can have for NLHS students.

    What is Hornet15?

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